Arctic Kombucha

Fresh Kombucha - delivered monthly

Arctic flavours straight to your door, 6-pack of 750 ml bottles per month.

We promise to pleasantly surprise you with unique, traditionally fermented spring-water based, wild herb, mushroom, root, flower and berry kombuchas. Always freshly brewed and bottled at our downtown Helsinki cellar-brewery.

Our team has decades of experience of fermentation, and our passion is to treasure the Arctic forest into eatable and drinkable form. This is where Arctic Kombucha sprouted from.

We allow the bacteria and yeast of our kombucha to ferment the tea and all the sugar used for almost a whole month. In favor they give back quite a cocktail of enzymatically active, living, very low sugar kombucha-drink. Also this long, ancient fermentation of the herbs and "spices" used might also bring out some special effects of some of the plants. Just meaby.

You can always, anytime change and manage your monthly kombucha-delivery!

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6 x 750 ml